Smokie — Yesterday’s Dreams перевод песни

I just sit by my window
Strawberry wine and the night and you
Turns me on
Makes everything seem right
Although it may be wrong
I often remember
The many things that we longed to do
But now they’re gone
But everythings alright
We knew it all along

Yesterdays dreams will be the same
Although our hearts may change
Yesterdays hopes they still remain
And never die
Yesterdays dreams may not be new
But if my love can see us through
Then I will leave my life for you
Yesterdays dreams
Though we may wonder, thinking of times
That have gone too soon
You’ve been well
And many many nights
That I have spent with you — drifting though shadows
I saw the light and it shines on you
As it fell
Oh suddenly I see
That all you said was true


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